How to connect PsyQuation OFSi Indicator to MT4 terminal

We are glad to introduce you our OFSi Indicators that reflect the market sentiment: OFSi table and OFSi chart. The OFSi table contains a snapshot of the current market sentiment for the most in-demand assets. The OFSi chart represents how sentiment evolved in the past and its current state for a particular asset.

You can download the indicators from the OFSi table and OFSi chart tool pages on your device and save it in any suitable place/folder.

After you got OFSi indicator file on your device, open the MT4 Terminal, click “File” item on the toolbar and select “Open Data Folder” in the dropdown, see screenshot below.

In the new opened File Explorer window you have to select MQL4 folder and follow Indicators folder.

Once “Indicators” folder is opened, you have to pull or copy the downloaded ofsi_table.ex4 or ofsi_chart.ex4 file this place.

And after it, please refresh indicators list in the Navigator panel of a trading terminal with a right mouse button on the “Indicators” item and select Refresh. Now you can notice that OFSi item was added to the list in Navigator panel.

To add an indicator to your desirable chart you have to press mouse right button and choose “Attach to a chart”.

On the new-opened window, you should click on the section “Common” and tick “Allow DLL imports”, as you can see below.

Further, you have to go to the section “Inputs” and enter your access token what is a must and you also can customize all the positions in this section.

You can find your personal token at the bottom of the PQ OFSi Table or OFSI Chart pages and insert it into the “Token” field.

After that, you should apply it by pressing “Save” and “OK” buttons.

And the OFSi Chart (left) or OFSi Table (right) will appear on your chart. You can view the indicator activity in the “Experts” section.

Q: can I download OFSI indicator and add it for many accounts in MT4?
A: yes, if you have a Premium account, and you have added to your Premium account all the account you want to be with OFSI Table and Chart indicators.

Q: should I use one token everywhere I connect OFSI indicator to the MT4?
A: yes, a token is given once, and it’s your unique sign to get access to the OFSI Table and Chart indicators.

If you have any troubles regarding the connection of MT4 OFSi indicators, please let us know by reaching