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How to remove linked trading account and PQ profile

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Here is an instruction on how to remove trading account linked to your PsyQuation dashboard.

If you want to remove your trading account or accounts, you need to go to your “Manage Accounts” panel



Then select an account you want to remove and press “archive” button first:



After that, your archived account will be beneath your list of active accounts in the “archived accounts” section:



And click the “criss-cross” button in order to remove this trading account.



And lastly, press green “yes, remove” button to confirm your action.



And how to delete your PsyQuation account?

If you wish to delete your PsyQuation account, first you need to go to the “Profile Settings” page




Then you should scroll slightly down and find the “Close Account” button



Then click the “Close account button” and confirm the deletion:



Within the next 30 days after the account deletion, you will be able to restore your account by contacting
If you want to delete an account immediately please also contact


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